Bar d’Office, strong network of high-quality coworking spaces

Bar d’Office is the showcase for coworking locations in Flanders and Brussels. A familiar presence at BeCoworking, the Belgian Coworking Association with local members throughout Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

All coworking locations of Bar d’Office share the same positive vision and constructive mission

The flourishing, existing community of Bar d’Office is growing by the day, and new business emerges naturally.

The digital version of the community brings the members of coworking locations throughout Flanders and Brussels together.

Bar d’Office offers you a handy digital management tool, the ‘Management app d’Office’.

Positive vision and constructive mission

  • Promote cooperation between high-quality coworking locations with expertise tools. Support the entrepreneurship of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs by promoting cooperation.
  • Promote coworking among entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The advantages are clear: a professional location in which to work, present, meet and organize cross-fertilization and business opportunities.
  • Increase the number of high-quality coworking locations through co-creation by and between the locations and cooperation with subcontractors, governmental authorities and local partners.
  • Create a network of entrepreneurial hotspots or hubs around the new way of working and facilitate coworking, networking and knowledge sharing at a high level and have advice provided by partners there.

Quality label

Bar D’Office is a quality label for a coworkinglocatie. Requirements are set to access the network, but the most important are a common vision on coworking and the new way of working. Furthermore, we stand guarantee for:

Smart, superbly equipped location!

  • Inspiring environment: building, municipality and nature, city centre
  • Smooth Mobility
  • Sufficient parking
  • Efficient interconnection
  • Fine opportunities for activity-based working
  • Various meeting, training and presentation facilities
  • Clean toilet facilities and convenient kitchen

Far more than a space with flex desks

  • Flexible subscription formulas
  • Low entry-level price
  • Matchmakers and hosts present
  • Expansion of a community by facilitating workshops, events, active knowledge sharing (work-learn-connect principle)
  • Coworking locations work together and share knowledge
  • Attractive rental rates for  ‘officers’

Management app D’Office

Bar d’Office offers locations a handy digital management tool for:

  • Subscription management
  • Community management
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Booking halls and workshop premises
  • Attendance Registration
  • Consumption registration (prints, drinks, lunch, etc.)
  • Incident Management

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