Survey COVID-19

How big is the impact of COVID-19 on the coworking and business center industry?

COVID-19 has got the entire world in its power. Many industries are facing challenging times and some strict regulations are imposed by the government. Although there are no direct measures for the Coworking and Business Centers, changes in other industries are creating an impact on our sector as well. Or not?

Employees are recommended to work from home or are forced to due to their children. Non crucial movements are not allowed and if you cannot guarantee social distancing in the workplace, you must shut your doors and stay home. These measures have an indirect impact on our sector and changes the way we must work. Some locations have already decided to only stay open for their members, others cannot guarantee a safe and hygienic place to work and are forced to close their doors.

Bar d’Office (Belgian coworking network) and BWA (Belgian Workspace Association) are trying to figure out what the impact of COVID-19 means to our sector, mainly in Belgium. And will try to find adequate solutions to help each other.

This survey was shared with all Bar d’Office coworking locations in Belgium and all members of BWA. It was conducted between March 26 and March 30. Please keep in mind that the survey was drawn up before the government prolonged the measures on March 27th and represents a first indication

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