Location description

BLWRK is an initiative around the new work that encourages entrepreneurship in a variety of ways. Our creative hub and coworking for entrepreneurs, startups and innovative companies is located in the beautiful fortress of the Fort 5 park in Edegem. We are a community of like-minded individuals who, through our work drift, also increase your productivity and create new innovations and opportunities. The stronghold is also suitable for meetings, networks and brainstorming. Leaving your familiar environment to get together between the arches and the impressive nature of the fortress gives inspiration and energy.



  • Day Pass: One working day for €20/day
  • 10 turns card: 10 working days to be taken in whole or half days within one year for €180/year
  • Flex 20:20h/MOS workplace for €40/MND
  • Flex 40:40u/mth Workstation for €80/mnd
  • Flex 60:60u/mth Workstation for €120/mnd
  • Flex 80:80u/mth Workstation for €160/mnd
  • Full Time: Unlimited access during office hours for €260/MND
  • Resident: Unlimited access 24/7 for €300/mnd


Opening hours

Monday: 9u00 – 18h00
Tuesday: 9u00 – 18h00
Wednesday: 9u00 – 18h00
Thursday: 9u00 – 18h00
Friday: 9u00 – 18h00

Contact details

Vestinglaan 55
2650 Edegem
T: 03 291 02 00


Contact details Bar D’Office


Fort V | Binnenfort
Vestinglaan 55 | 2650 Edegem
T: 03 302 47 77