Location description

Campus Aquafin is part of the company Aquafin NV. Campus Aquafin was founded in collaboration with Bar D’Office. You can enjoy all the professional benefits in a cosy atmosphere. Come and discover your agency among the employees of Aquafin and develop yourself as a professional.


  • Day Pass: One working day for €20/day
  • Networker: 20h/MoS workplace for €40/MND
  • Flexworker: 80u/MoS workplace for €160/MND
  • Full Time: Unlimited access during office hours for €260/MND

Opening hours

Monday: 8u00 – 18h00
Tuesday: 8u00 – 18h00
Wednesday: 8u00 – 18h00
Thursday: 8u00 – 18h00
Friday: 8u00 – 18h00

Contact details

Dijkstraat 8
2630 Aartselaar
T: 03 291 02 00

Contact details Bar D’Office

Fort V | Binnenfort
Vestinglaan 55 | 2650 Edegem
T: 03 302 47 77