Location description

Flex OFie’S-coworking in Kalmthout is an open work space, with all the advantages and facilities of an office, but without the high rent. In addition to electricity, heating and Wi-Fi, coffee and tea are available. There are screens on the desks and also a small semi meeting room. The different formulas are all-in. Full-time, parttime, according to a limited agenda,… everything is possible, depending on your planning. Flex OFie’S is a ‘ Flexible Office ‘ that suits you and adapts! Your OFie’S is located in the centre of Kalmthout, within walking distance of shops and restaurants, ideally located between the Netherlands and Antwerp.


  • Hopping: One working day for €12/dagdeel
  • Hopping: 20h/MOS workplace for €30/MND
  • Parttime: 3 sessions/MOS work space for €75/MND
  • Parttime: 5 Sessions/mth work place for €125/MND
  • Parttime: 7 Sessions/mth work place for €175/MND
  • Full Time: Unlimited access during office hours for €250/MND

Opening hours

Monday: 9u00 – 18h00
Tuesday: 9u00 – 18h00
Wednesday: 9u00 – 18h00
Thursday: 9u00 – 18h00
Friday: 9u00 – 18h00

Contact details

Dorpstraat 29
2920 Kalmthout
T: 0486 75 02 97

Contact details Bar D’Office

Fort V | Binnenfort
Vestinglaan 55 | 2650 Edegem
T: 03 302 47 77