Avail yourself of the expertise and coworking tools of Bar d’Office

Bar d’Office stimulates and facilitates knowledge sharing between coworking locations by exchanging best practices and organizing train-the-trainee sessions.

You will have the advantage of an attractive brand with an elaborate marketing and presence on the social media.

By working together, you build advantages of scale easily: group purchases, digital platform, and so forth.

We are building unremittingly on a coworking community throughout Flanders and Brussels. ou gain access to a common platform with member profiles and administrative capabilities.

Daily allowance for Corporate Bar d’Office customers who come to work in your location.

Serious support for more coworking pleasure

Under the mottolet’s work together, Bar d’Office wishes to make coworking and your coworking location a success together with you.

Like any other company, a coworking location needs a sustained plan. Each business plans consists of four pillars.

1. The bricks: the physical environment of your coworking location, must not only be practical but also pleasant to abide, work, lunch, and do business in, organize events, and much much more.

2. The bytes: which tools do you use to manage your location and expand your community?

3. The behaviour: How do you turn your location into a home for your community, how you ensure that people can get along harmoniously.

4. The business: the financial management and commercial running of your coworking location.

Structured advice and support to measure

In advice and support we distinguish three phases in which we always work more specifically and more concretely based on the needs of the location.

After an initial intake, we support your location by providing relevant information and by sharing your experience. In addition, we give a number of tips for starting up the location.

Once it is clear which direction the coworking location wishes to take and what the expectations are, we turn to the specific needs. We make custom recommendations and work them out in detail.

After the initial plan we can help with the preparation and launch of the coworking location. We support the initiators on a consultancy basis to attend to every detail so to make effective coworking arrangements.

We provide a certain number of things per phase as a standard. These can always be adjusted through mutual consultation according to the expectations.

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