Well surrounded for more focus, knowledge and opportunities

Strengthen your network with ease as a local entrepreneur, whether you are established or starting up, in a main or secondary profession. You will be surrounded by interested professionals and talented creative minds. Find inspiration and exchange experiences, tips, ideas and contacts while you work. Being there for each other creates opportunities for new forms of cooperation. Job satisfaction for the workforce at large and sharing are stimulated, but you are and remain the boss of your own priorities and breaks.

At Bar d’Office you will find everything you need to get down and continue to work efficiently and productively in pleasant and perfectly equipped workplaces, conference rooms, premises for lectures, workshops and presentation. You can receive your customers, prospects and suppliers in an inspiring environment – in your own neighbourhood or at centrally located points on your route.

The hosts and location managers will do their utmost to make your working life as comfortable as possible. In addition, we organize and facilitate fascinating network events, lectures and shops – even more fine opportunities to grow.

Boost your business and grow at Bar d’Office

Take a pleasant, well equipped place at a smart location. That is the basis. Add fine, motivated people with an open-minded approach and you get a place where:

  • You can work in a goal-oriented manner without wasting valuable time
  • Sociability and productivity go hand in hand
  • Networking proceeds organically
  • Cross-fertilization is standard
  • You bolster yourself and others

  • You can work in a goal-oriented manner without wasting valuable time
  • Sociability and productivity go hand in hand
  • Networking proceeds organically
  • Cross-fertilization is standard
  • You bolster yourself and others

A tightly-knit network for fully-fledged work and meeting places

  • All office facilities: high-quality Wi-Fi, reliable printer, office materials, projection screens, etc
  • Delicious coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, snacks, fruit, etc.
  • Possibility to order lunch or eat in the vicinity
  • All coworkers who meet each other locally for a large, including digital community
  • A community manager and hosts at your beck and call
  • Our hosts are part of a national network dedicated to proactive problem-solving


Option 1: Work Anywhere

Option 2: Work locally

With your Bar d’Office coworking subscription you can work in every coworking location from the Bar d’Office network in Flanders and Brussels. Just let the local host know in advance when you wish to go to that location.

Every Bar d’Office coworking location uses its own formulas and prices. Inquire with the host of your favourite coworking location. For companies with several employees interested in coworking, the general prices of Bar d’Office apply.

Activity-based working

Most coworkers carry out different types of tasks throughout the day. One requires more concentration than the other. For certain aspects you work together – on location, over the telephone or online. Carrying out all these activities in the same office means that you are sometimes disturbed or that you disturb your neighbours. That is why various types of workplaces are available at Bar d’Office.

You choose a place depending on your task at that moment.

  • In thefocus zone, you can work in silence and complete concentration.
  • The cooperation zone is the opposite: a place to engage in consultations and carry out long telephone or skype calls.
  • The break-out zone: ideal to take a break or give a call.
  • In the lunch zone you can have a meal and a chat. When it is not occupied, it serves as an extra break-out zone.


In the coworking locations of Bar d’Office desks are set up flexibly for efficient occupation. You choose yourself which free desk you would like to use. In some locations, certain places are reserved for permanent coworkers with a full-time subscription.

The advantages of Bar d’Office

  • There are coworking places in Flanders and Brussels.
  • You are part of a strong community.
  • New business opportunities arise.
  • You get a discount on training courses.
  • Knowledge and experience are shared.

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