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Two applications, one goal

Coworker application

Our application features all the tools you need to become a real coworker. It gives you all the flexibility you need in your daily work-life.

All our locations and services, at your fingertip.

Contract follow up

Flexible contracts are key in coworking.

Manage them by yourself.


Book seats in your coworkingspace.
Want to have a meeting?
No problem!


Order your lunch, even before you're in the location.

Keep track of your expenses.


Engage with your coworkers.

Bring your community to the next level!

Are you considering coworking? We have the right space for you!

Contract follow up

Coworking is all about flexibility. As a coworker you can manage your contract and enjoy all the flexibility you need. You can follow up your expenses and consult your previous invoices.  

  • Manage subscriptions of your employees
  • Chat with Bar d’Office
  • Define if employees need to pay for their meetings, consumables and lunches


The Bar d’Office app allows you to book a seat in your favourite coworking location or to select a convenient location within our network. 


It allows you check the availability of meeting rooms and book the rooms quickly and without any intervention of the location manager.  


If you need tailored quotation for an event you can provide all necessary information via the app to make the offering process as smooth as possible.  


The Bar d’Office tool allows you to keep register all consumptions directly through the app. 
  • Order lunches in any of our locations days in front, even for your meeting attendees
  • Consult your ordering history and keep track of your expenses
  • Do you want to print? No problem, in most of our locations we keep track of this… Automatically.
  • Receive only one invoice per month


In coworking, community is very important. A strong community creates a sense of belonging for coworkers and is the best way to create customer loyalty for your location.

The Bar d’office social app is a digital extension to the local community of your location. 

It allows you to communicate with your coworkers in a secure environment and your coworkers can stay in contact with their peers, even when they’re not physically together.

Are you looking for a new place to work? Or just an hop-in office?

Let's talk. Get to know us, then decide if you want to become a coworker.

Our software is customizable to your companies branding

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Antser is designed to be the first true business-to-business network. Creating a network of people or businesses only makes sense if there is something ot share. A business-to-business network can only add value if companies can use it to share what binds them together, their common goal.

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