Bar d'Office Evere | Transforma bxl

Bar d'Office Evere | Transforma bxl

Transforma bxl in Evere: everything a start-up needs under one roof

The story of coworking location transforma bxl reads like a thriller. One year after Anis Bedda and Paul-Henri Schyns built a thriving coworking community in the heart of Brussels, their world came crashing down: the lease on the property was terminated. A project developer had been given permission to establish a luxury wellness centre at the exact location. Transforma bxl was given five days to move and start from scratch elsewhere.

Back and better

The founders did not give up. The change of location allowed them to review and improve the project. And so transforma bxl opened its doors for a second time in 2015, this time in Evere. Transforma bxl is still there today, with a strong community of more than 100 members. The coworking is run by a team of six. One of them is Gennesis Pineda, the Communication & Community Manager. She is happy to share more about this inspiring collaborative workplace.

Creating positive change

“What all our coworkers have in common is a passion for sustainability. That is at the heart of everything we do here. Our members want to bring positive change to the world: they work in the circular economy, the tech industry, the internet of things or in e-commerce. And that atmosphere of innovation attracts major players, such as the European Commission, Orange and Carrefour, who come here to meet and be inspired.”

Bar d'Office Evere | Transforma bxl

Sustainability as a basic requirement

For transforma bxl, sustainability is more than a buzzword that looks good on a report. It’s a basic requirement. Co-founder Anis Bedda has a clear opinion on this: “If a business model, product or service is not beneficial to society or the planet, then it isn’t innovative. Period.” He believes that we are on the verge of a third industrial revolution and wants to contribute to that change, together with the coworkers of transforma bxl. And for that, they receive all the facilities they could ever dream of.

Everything a start-up needs under one roof

“The building is 2700 m2, which means we can offer many services under one roof,” says Gennesis. “In addition to coworking offices and meeting rooms, we also have a recording studio for podcasts, a media lab with VR applications and a video studio. Technological start-ups can develop prototypes in the FabLab, where they have a 3D printer, laser cutter and other devices at their disposal. Transforma bxl also has its own warehouse, which is very interesting for startups in e-commerce. It allows them to keep their stock onsite. We also have a garden that we transform step by step into a permaculture garden. Transforma bxl is an innovative playground, a place where you can try, fail and start over.”

Bar d'Office Evere | Transforma bxl

Accessible from Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia

Transforma bxl is located next to the Ring in Evere and is easily accessible from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. There is plenty of parking, and the Bordet train station is within walking distance. It only takes 15 minutes by car or train to get to Shuman or Merode. The community in transforma bxl is international, just like Brussels itself. The ​​spoken languages are English, French and Dutch. Oh, and that dream that was shattered at the beginning of the story? It had a happy ending. Six years after the founders of transforma had to leave their first location, they returned with transforma Zaventem: their new location, near the Brussels Airport that offers 3000m2 of warehousing. The future belongs to the strong-willed.

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