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Two applications, one goal

Management application

Our application features all the tools you need to run your coworkingspace or office buidling as efficient as possible. No mather the size, no mather what you offer.


Contract management

Manage your active contracts with smart alerts, document management, automatic invoices and even timesheets.


Chat with your coworkers, with customers and suppliers, all in one system, without installation requirements. Create a pipeline of prospects and become a sales pro!

Reservation management

Manage your pricings and availabilities, create offers and let clients book meetings, seats, etc. by themselves.


Order lunches, keep track of your customers consuming drinks and snacks. Get rid of the monthly print reports, it is all done automatically.

Facility management

Manage your private offices, keep track of incidents and chat with room keepers, manage access to buildings and rooms, and many more.

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Contract management

Managing a coworking space requires a lot of administration and margins are low.
Working efficiently is key.

As coworking contracts are very flexible you want to keep track of all inofrmation without a lot of administration. You need to keep track of all the service hours you provide, the consumptions, booked meeting rooms, send detailed invoices, and many more. Invoicing is also automated in our management tool.

Customer Relationship Management

How about one place to keep all your contacts? Here are just a few features our system offers you.

  • Create companies and link employees and managers and their subscriptions.
  • Keep track of prospects with smart alerts.
  • Contact clients, suppliers and coworkers with an integrated community management tool. Keep your community close to you.
  • Set sales targets and create reports with to keep an eye on your KPI’s.

Your sales tool anywhere anytime. Our software is mobile friendly.

Reservation management

In a coworking, managing availability and keeping track of occupation rates is very important. Our tool automates seat reservation, meeting room booking and event management.

The tool allows a coworking manager to dynamically set availabilities of coworking seats and gives a single view for customers, visitors and the host on meeting room availability.


The Bar d’Office platform allows you to keep track of all consumptions of customers and visitors. Drinks and lunches, but also prints and office supplies are automatically registered.

All consumables are billed according to the agreements detailed in the contract with each customer.

  • Let users order their consumables by hand and semi-automatically
  • Add or edit orders from your clients

Facility management

The tool can be used to manage maintenance, schedule cleaning and track incidents. The chat feature allows communication with all stakeholders involved, internal or as a third party.

  • Create own incident templates, customized on your business and building
  • Communication with internal and external parties without any software
  • Together with supplier invoices, you can keep track of your P&L.

Our software is customizable to your companies branding

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